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Addressing Gender Dysphoria, part 1 (part 2 can be found here).

One of the major take-home points here is that you can’t control a lot of your external circumstances, but you CAN control how you respond to them.  

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Facebook Group for TransDads

Today, I created a Facebook group called TransDads. A group exclusively for Transgender, Trans*, FTM, etc. fathers to connect with each other.  

As a Trans Dad myself, I’ve found it difficult to connect with other Trans Dads over the last couple years. Luckily, I’ve come across people in other groups but there isn’t anything dedicated to Dads. We all share a unique experience and I’m hoping to provide a platform which makes it easier for Trans Dads  to “meet” and share their stories. 

If you know anyone who could benefit from joining a group like this one please share the link. 



Top Surgery Guilt posted by Jackgr8ndempire

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Trans*Local: The guide to proper trans terminology!


binding: The process of flattening one’s breast tissue in order to create a male-appearing chest. The type of materials and methods used for binding will vary depending on the size of an individual’s chest and the overall build of his body. Some trans men don’t bind at all due to personal…

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Got a great endo, therapist, doctor or surgeon?


Add them to our resource list we’re creating and help others get the help they need.

Send us their:

  • Name/Company name
  • Website if they have one
  • Phone number
  • City, State (Address is you’ve got it)
  • And whether it fits under endo, therapist, legal, center, doctor or surgeon

To TheSelfMadeMen@Gmail.com

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Find Your Anchor - David McLeod

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Lucas Silveira interviews comedian, Ian Harvie, about gender identity and language.

“And I may not appear as a dyke to the world, but I definitely feel that that is a huge part of my history, and I’m not giving up my history.” - Ian Harvie

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Art of Transliness: Packing and Packers 101


Packers, as you may already know, are prosthetic flacid penises that are intended to give the wearer a bulge in the crotch of their pants. Not every trans* guy packs, and some opt for the simple sock, but for those who are interested here’s a bit of a 101 guide to packing and packers. The…

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This is a boa constrictor, it’s a snake (duh). The way it kills it’s prey is by wrapping itself around it and then squeezing tighter when the victim breathes out. A Boa and an Ace bandage have that in common… An ace bandage is designed to apply pressure to a twisted ankle or wrist. Much like a snake, its function is to hold a body part as tightly as it can and when this method is used in binding, the results can be very dangerous. While it’s elasticity and cheap price may be appealing for those in need of a binder, there is no healthy and safe way to bind using an ace bandage. 

Duct tape is another resource many Transguys turn to. This is also very dangerous. In order to get duct tape to produce the desired ‘flat’ appearance, it would have to be extremely tight. When your lungs can’t naturally fill to a normal capacity your body is receiving less oxygen than it should and long term could cause minor brain damage and fatigue. Reoccurring binding sessions can even leave you bruised. 

Showing images of ftms using ace bandages to bind has become an iconic form of gender expression. While using it in art to represent binding may occur all over the interwebs, this is NOT a safe way to bind and alternative methods should be used.

Please check out some of our website articles on the topic:

This isn’t art related but it’s relevant for many reasons. I’ve seen way too much artwork with trans* guys wearing ace bandages; it’s not a good example at all.  

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Okay, let’s just all take a moment to appreciate this rad lady, okay?

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AK’s Guide to Suits

An introduction to the finer details of menswear, and how to get them right in your… aw, hell, why am I describing it here? Read the intro!

-fans self-

I know they’re just drawings but damn do I love a man in a suit.

Yes wonderful

Missed a few tiny points but hit all the major ones so… reblog for the sake of Followers! :)

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TransSquat, an iPhone app by Safe2pee that allows you to find gender neutral bathrooms. Check it out and share.

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FTMSweethearts Now On YouTube (For Partners of Transmen)

A new YouTube collab channel called FTMSweethearts is up and running! What started as a sort of Facebook support group for partners of transmen has turned into a YouTube channel. Seven people have come together to share their stories about life as partners of a transgender person. They’ve got one video up and plenty more to come. Partners don’t have enough support and I couldn’t be excited to share this with everyone.

Click. Watch. Subscribe.

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